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"The Tomb Of The Ancients"
(3D Model)

written by N.Torres

So many items were made available to me for free that I thought I'd give  something back. Even if it is not the greatest model ever made, I still think it  is interesting and can provide a simple environment for all kinds of computer game-play. I am placing this model in the public domain. Anyone may use it. You may revise it, change it, use or not use any part of it. Please do not use The Tomb Of The Ancients for any defamatory, pornographic, or illegal purposes.

Included are: .OBJ,  .LWO, and .X models. Also included are various imports to several programs as an added bonus, namely: Blender v249b/v265a, Wings3D, MeshLab, and Art of Illusion. The actual integrity and usability of any of these files is uncertain since I am but an amateur at 3D artistry.

The model (and its aspects) were created using Blender 249b. Many of my designs are merely edifices or interiors that are more sculptures than practical, liveable environments. I have found that I often come at architectual design from a rather abstract point of view.

There are several things you should know. The "Whole" models have all three aspects in one: the skydome, the tomb-edifice, and landscape. The "parts" models have these three aspects separated.

I have provided only the foundations for a project, not any textures or materials, light sources, cameras, players, enemies, props, etc. Your imagination and hard work will provide the rest.

The models were exported as either double-sided or single-sided. I am not 100%  certain which. I haven't quite succeeded at keeping everything well organized, I just did the best I could. The models were created with Blender so I suggest that you use that same Open Source Blender Program to import, change, and export them again  in your preferred format(s).

You will find that the aspects of the individual models are joined, that is to keep bits and pieces from floating off when working on them. I don't really know  if this was the right thing to do. I removed doubles. Some edges may not exactly  line up. You may have to do some work at cleaning up the models so you wont run into any errors in future.

Please give credit in any project you create using this foundation. Small PNG and PSD pics have been provided to identify the models' origin, please use this as a  texture anywhere in your project(s). It would be nice to know what you've created with the models please send any links to ...

Ancient Tomb was created for the purposes of fun and entertainment.


Nathaniel Torres
Copyright (c) 2013
All Rights Reserved